Mirror Mirror on the wall, come and be the fairest of them all


The Poison Apple Studios is a photography studios located in the historical district of downtown Terrell. Our story beings in early 2020, during the COVID19 pandemic. Originally, we are a wedding and event venue known as The French Soiree. During the government shut down, we had to resort to other means of surviving. This is where The Poison Apple Studios was born. As a photographer myself, I know the importance of having access to a good location with natural light that has the ability to showcase multiple setups. I knew then, that I had to open my own studios, and thus my dream came true. Our studios consists of three rooms that home massive windows and gorgeous chandeliers that overlooks downtown. Each room is designed to have a specific theme attached to it while still engaging with the raw natural beauty of the studios. Our upstairs studios contains the natural authentic wooden floors and raw walls. It is located on the second floor of our building and has given multiple women the confidence to feel like royalty. Our studio downstairs is perfect for family shoots and elegant portraits.

Now come, take a bite, and become the fairest of them all. 

Image by MontyLov

Natural light Studios

Both studios contain numerous windows that provide natural light

Wrapped in Red

11ft Windows Throughout

Our windows reach the sky! They're great for a pose and great for light

Image by Behzad Ghaffarian

Urban-Modern atmosphere

Our studios carry different themes but hold the same authentic raw urban feel.

Image by Roksolana Zasiadko


Both studios are home to two gigantic crystal chandeliers.


Are Kids allowed?

The Diamond Room and The Obsidian room are for adults 18 and older. Exceptions can be made for family shoots. The French Room is open to kids of all ages. 

Do you have an elevator?

Unfortunately, we do not have an elevator, so please make this aware to clients who have difficulties going up the stairs. Two of our studio rooms are on the 2nd floor.

Where do We park?

You may park anywhere around our building or the historical downtown

Are pets allowed?

How early can i arrive before my session

Do you offer any Add-Ons?

Our studios upstairs are off limits to pets  with the exception of service animals. Pets in The French Room are allowed with Manager approval.

The rental period you reserved starts and ends promptly. If you need setup and breakdown time, please reserve additional time as your rental period does not include a setup/clean up grace period before/after your reservation time. A late fee will be charged if you stay longer than your rental period. See contract for fee amount.  

Our studios offers an in-house makeup artist for an additional $85.

We also offer the rental of our angel wings for $50/HR