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The French Soiree


Photography | creative space | events

stunning spaces with Natural Light

We are building a community of Artists who love to be creative as much as we do. Our studio offers accessible and unique spaces for everyone who is looking for a place to express themselves through their Art, making their visions come to live through the incredible Art of photography and videography.

Rent our studio rooms by the hour, enjoy creating magic as much as we do!

Your space, your call. Make it yours.

"I love this studio! You have so much versatility within one building.  Something for everyone!"

-Rachel B.

Grapevine, TX

"I love how unique the spaces are and so beautiful decorated! You can tell there's a lot of love put into it"

-Benita Photography

Fort Worth, TX

"I can't recommend The French Soiree enough, the studios and event space are beyond gorgeous! What Christina has done it's beyond beautiful!"

-Nadia V.

Plano, TX

Seasonal Setups

Seasonal Installations

What's new in The French Room!!

Aside from our French Room offering 2,300 sqft of pure creativity for modeling, editorial portraits, headshots, and photoshoots, we also offer a variety of beautiful seasonal installations!

We use a small portion of this space for our holiday and seasonal installations that's included when you book the space!

Currently, The French Room is displaying 5 gorgeous installations!!

Two Easter Setups that will be available until April 5th

Spring/Summer/Mother's Day Setups will be available until April 30th

 Hurry book The French Room!!! So many choices!!

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