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The Diamond Room

Built in 1897, The Diamond Room contains all of the original floors, ceilings and walls, with 4 large beautiful windows. 2 facing east and 2 facing south to include a stunning & enormous bay window overlooking Downtown Terrell. This Room's vibes are romantic and bohemian. Light and Airy all day long!



The Obsidian Room

Fierce, sexy, and empowering can only best describe what The Obsidian Room will allow your clients to feel. 3 large stunning windows facing east surrounded by 14' tall black walls and beautiful modern decor and greenery throughout!



The Ruby Room

Sultry, luscious, and sexy is what this room is all about! Enjoy the new Ruby Room and all of its wonders! Tons of different set ups displaying vintage & unique pieces throughout to include a large Italian style mirror. The vintage ceiling will mesmerized you. Oh! and we can't forget to mention the stunning & enormous bay window facing east, one of its kind! 

Brown Virtual Photoshoot instagram Post 2.jpg


The Gem Stone Package

Can't decide on which room to book? Then book our Gemstone bundle! This package allows rental of all three of our gem-inspired rooms, including The Diamond room, The Obsidian Room, and The Ruby Room all at a mega discounted price! Perfect for portfolio building!



The French Room

2,600 sqft of soft, light and airy Family Studio with 14' stunning crisp white tall ceilings, a large window facing south and  3 gorgeous crystal chandeliers. This Perfect for small or large families! This room also offers seasonal setups all year round! To view our current seasonal setups click here.



The Blue Kitchen

Looking for a modern, urban-feel kitchen that's perfect for food photography, life-style photography, food blogger shoots, or a fun family shoot? Then look no further! Our kitchen features trendy wooden shelves, blue cabinetry and stainless steel countertops and appliances.

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