How far in advance should we reserve our date for our event?

We recommend you book your event 12-18 months in advance. You are still welcome to inquire at any time (even if you have fewer than 12 months) but availability is limited, specifically during peak season.

What is the capacity of the venue? 

Maximum capacity is 99 people.

Will we have assistance from a venue coordinator or staff on the day of our event?

The French Soiree requires that you hire an event coordinator or wedding planner for your wedding. The French Soirée staff will only be responsible for venue-related matters such as air temperature, lights, restrooms, etc. The staff will not be responsible for managing details and logistics of your event. 

Can we rehearse at the venue? 

Yes. The venue 12 hour package includes up to 1 hour for rehearsal time during the week of your event. Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday (upon availability)

4 hour packages do not include rehearsal time but may be requested at an additional $100/HR

Does the venue have a kitchen?

The French Soirée provides an impressive large kitchen. Amenities include refrigerator, microwave, sinks and a substantial amount of countertop space on an island for prep needs.

Does the venue include tables and chairs?

Yes. Our table options are twenty-48" round tables (6 guests each) or sixteen-6' tables (6-8 guests each), wooden lime-washed cross back chairs, a 7' Sweetheart table, four-48" banquet tables for catering, up to 4 pub round tables for cocktail hour, and 1 cake table, and an easel!

Does the venue include linens for the tables?

Yes, we provide white, black, or champagne floor-length linens for the round tables. black and White are available  for rectangular tables. White or black for the pub tables

Will the venue service the restrooms and the trash bins during the event? 

Absolutely! As needed and/or requested.

Are there handicap restrooms?

Yes! There is one accessible stall in the Men's bathroom and one in the Women's.

Can we use real candles on our tables?

Use of candles must be approved by the Site Manager. LED Candles are recommended. Pro tip: if you place the LED candles in a frosted vase, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between faux and real.

Are there restrictions on decor inside or outside of the venue? 

The following items are prohibited: 

  • confetti

  • glitter

  • sand

  • birdseed

  • rice

  • silly string

  • wish lanterns

  • bubbles (outdoor only at least 15 feet from the venue entrance)

Absolutely no nailing or stapling any objects to the venue walls, ceilings, door frames, wood, etc. No harsh adhesives are to be used. Painters or stage tape is ok. Any damage to the venue or property will result in fees agreed upon in the contract.

Where is smoking allowed? 

Smoking is prohibited inside the venue. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only. Ash trays must be used and fines will be assessed for any fire-related damages to the property. Please refer to the smoking clause in your contract.

Are pets allowed?

Pets must be approved by the Site Manager and can be on site for the ceremony only. Once the ceremony has concluded, your pets must be removed from the property. 

Are LGBTQ+ weddings welcomed?

Absolutely! LGBTQ weddings, including ceremonies and receptions are welcomed.

The French Soiree does not discriminate against anyone's sexuality, gender, religion, race, nationality, or ethnicity! 

How long do we have the venue for?

Our rental period is up to 12 hours on the day of your event; from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Nothing/No One may remain on property after midnight, so we recommend scheduling last call at the bar by 10:30 p.m. and concluding your event by 11:00 p.m. at the latest, providing you and your vendors an hour for cleanup.

This  applies to our other smaller packages, you may only  enter the venue when your rental time starts.

How many other events can take place on the same date as mine?

Absolutely none. Yours will be the only event we host that day.

Do you require event insurance?

Yes, you must obtain event insurance for (at least) $1,000,000 of liability insurance. If you are serving alcohol at your event, alcohol coverage must be included. Cancelation insurance is recommended, but not required, in case anything happens before your event.

Can I bring my own alcohol? 

Yes. We do require that all alcohol is served by a TABC certified + insured bartender/bartending company. No alcohol is permitted to be self-served. The on-site security guard reserves the right to close the bar early, should it be necessary, at the Site Manager's request. The bartender/bartending company will be held liable for any issues relating to alcohol storage and service.

Can we bring our own vendors?

Absolutely! All we ask is that every vendor contact The French Soirée as soon as they are contracted in order to sign our vendor contract and learn about our specific expectations for them. Additionally, we are happy to offer a preferred vendor list, so please request if interested.

Will the venue set up the tables?

Yes, we'll be happy to! Please provide us with a final design layout at least 2 weeks prior to your event. If you are using our linens, they will be put on the tables.

How are payments accepted?

We accept cash or check.

Will security be provided?

Security is required whenever alcohol is being served. Security is not included with any other package and will have to be paid for by the client separately via cash or check. The French Soiree will arrange the security officer with the local police department. The French Soiree does not receive any monies directed for the Security Officer.

Can we use sparklers?

Yes, providing there are no drought conditions. They must be handled responsibly and lit at least 10 feet away from the venue. They must be distributed and managed by a responsible member of your party/wedding planner and then extinguished in an adequate number of water metal buckets.

Can we use flower petals on the floors?

Please do not use dark colored (real) flower petals on the floor, as they can stain. Artificial petals in all colors and lighter colored real petals are fine.

Is there parking available? Can vehicles be parked at the venue overnight? 

Yes, there is plenty of designated parking areas surrounding the venue. Vehicles must be removed immediately following your event. 

Is a walk-through required at the end of my event? 

At the conclusion of your rental period, it is highly requested that you and/or your event coordinator conduct a thorough walk-through with the Site Manager to make sure nothing is left behind and to discuss any potential issues which could count against your security deposit. If a walk-through is not requested by the client or coordinator, then any assessment of damages will be made solely by the Site Manager's discretion. The French Soirée is not responsible for the collection or storage of any items after the conclusion of an event.

Are we responsible for cleaning the venue after our event? 

The French Soirée will break down tables and chairs. All items brought by you, your guests, and/or your vendors must be removed at the conclusion of your rental period. The bar and kitchen area will be cleaned in accordance with the vendor contract. It is your responsibility to ensure all vendors have departed by the end of the rental limit.

Other than the ballroom-- what other rooms will the venue provide for my special day?

The French Soiree provides you with a luxurious bridal and groom suites with 14' tall ceilings. You will have access to the bridal/groom suite up until the ceremony concludes.  Aside from those two extra rooms we also offer a large kitchen for caterers usage.